The people of Shaire and Kromasi has lauded the aspiring parliamentary candidate for the ruling National Democratic Congress NDC in the Nkwanta south constituency Mr Geoffrey Kini, for fulfilling his primary campaign promised to the people of Shaire and Kromasi and wiping off their tears from dying and considering them to be part of Ghana.
The people of Shaire and Kromasi has never seen their road being constructed for the past 70 years so they were so much happy to see their road going under construction which will boost farming activities in the area.
Speaking with some of the okada riders and women in the area, disclosed that their people died especially pregnant women on the road as a result of the bad road from Shaire to Nkwanta so, they are great full to Mr Kini Geoffrey and promised to vote for him come December 7.
Mr Geoffrey Kini stated that Shaire is a tourist center which sometime ago, students and other people visit but the place have been neglected over long due forcing residents to use pig axe, hoes, cutlasses for construction.
He said, taken the initiative to construct the road will boost tourist to the center and agricultural production to elevate poverty and prevent pregnant women from dying when in labour.
Mr Geoffrey Kini promised to bring total development into south district when voted as the next member of parliament come 7th December.


Source: VisionSpectraNews