The outcome of the ongoing elections in the United States of America (USA) will not have a bearing on Ghana’s elections on December 7, Professor Kweku Asare, a U.S.-based Ghanaian academic has said.

According to him, the dynamics in the U.S. elections this year are a bit different from that of Ghana, a situation that indicates the poll results will not affect that of Ghana.

“None of the contestants in the election is in power but in Ghana the president is seeking a re-election and so the campaign strategies will be different,”.

The U.S. heads to the polls today to elect their 45th president and 48th vice president.

The two main candidates are Donald Trump of the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party.

Trump’s policies on immigration and his comments for example on groping women, saw him fall behind in the electoral polls.

However, with the news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was investigating Hilary Clinton with just days to the polls, Trump closed the gap, even though the Democratic candidate has been cleared by the FBI from the latest email probe.

Source: VisionSpectraNews