President John Mahama has said there is not magic in putting money into people’s pockets as he urged Ghanaians to find jobs to earn their keep.

He says opportunities are being created by government and with the economy growing fast it should be opening jobs for those who take advantage of it.

Speaking on the national broadcaster GTV’s Evening Encounter’ Wednesday, he said government is reviving dead companies to give jobs to Ghanaians especially the youth.

He said changing foreign exchange to buy goods from abroad is not in favor of the country.

Mr Mahama said a lot of government investment is going into the productive sector of the economy so what can be produced locally is done to provide jobs.

According to the President (concerning unemployment), he has charged the tertiary institutions to introduce more guidance and counselling so the young people know about the job prospects especially in the area that they are studying.

There is saturation in some professions than the economy can take so they won’t have ready jobs once they finish their education, he added.

The President also shared his experience of teaching before branching into Communication Studies after his first degree alluding to the fact that some graduates need to weigh their interest in the job market and what is available.

Mr Mahama dissuaded young from taking low hanging fruits as others are also interested in what is readily available which creates traffic in the job market.

He charged that as the economy grows new areas like oil and gas, engineering, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are coming up so young graduates must take advantage of the opportunities in these sectors.