With few days to the 2016 General elections, we in the NDC see the need to protect and promote the peace of Suhum constituency. We are with firm conviction that political tolerance is an essential ingredient in peaceful coexistence, especially in these days.

Our counterparts in the NPP however are adopting brutish measures, becoming increasingly anti pathetic and endangering the peace and stability of the constituency.

We received news that the proud son of Suhum and Chief of Staff of the Republic, Hon Julius Debrah is set to visit the constituency today. As part of preparations for his arrival, some supporters of the NDC were hanging some banners yesterday with an electrician working on some streetlights leading to the venue of the program. The vibrancy of the NDC folks made NPP supporters around build envy and bitterness towards the NDC.

In the course of working on the street lights, an NPP branch youth organizer called Paparazzi came to the scene to violently resist the fixing of the lights, threatening to stone the bulbs and destroy them before morning if it is fixed. This germinated a serious disagreement between the two, as it was difficult to understand why someone should threatened to destroy public property over bitterness and envy.

In another scene, a young boy eating at a chop bar owned by the sister (Asana) of the NPP constituency youth organizer has also been beaten ruthlessly so much that the boy is currently on admission at the hospital.

His crime was that he passed a positive comment based on a video shown him by “Freshers for Mahama” (an NDC group from Accra made of fresh voters who support Mahama and convince others to vote based on massive developmental projects across the country)on the development HE John Mahama has effected in Ghana. The boy was discussing the video shown him and asserted that the President is more likely to win with such levels of development. This triggered an assault on him from three guys, one of the attackers is the son of the former NPP constituency chairman called W’agya.

After being beaten, the guy ran to report to his friends and NDC folks around. They went to the house where the incident happened to query the attackers, without any arms or weapons and with no intentions to fight. They were met with fury from the constituency youth organizer of the NPP called Issifu (nicknamed Commander), who brought out a shocker supposed to be used by the police to visit torture on them, with some other guys joining him to throw stones at them. They ended up bruising some of the guys and they had to escape to avoid further attacks.

These incidences are worrying, shameful and reprehensible. We are no more We won’t miss words in outrightly condemning such barbarism. The NPP MP and constituency executives are encouraging supporters to arise and attack, and this if not checked may lead to serious chaos.

As a peaceful party with a calm and law abiding Parliamentary aspirant in the person of Hon Margaret Ansei (MAGOO) we have filed a complaint at the Suhum Municipal Police station and hoping that they bring all individuals who have violated the rights of others be brought to order.
Source: VisionSpectraNews