The Vice President, Kwesi Amissah Arthur has cautioned against using religion as a political tool especially ahead of the general elections on November 7. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) presidential running mate Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, recently accused the presidency of bias against Muslims, claiming they leaned towards Christians working in the flagstaff house as against Muslims.

Even though it is unclear whether the Vice President Amissah Arthur was speaking directly to that accusation, he emphasized the dangers of using religion against each other in a politically charged atmosphere. Speaking at the General Council Meeting of the Church of Pentecost yesterday, the Vice President underscored the need for Ghanaians to treat the topic of religion delicately as it could be a conduit for conflict. “…religion also could be a negative force that could create divisions in our country and therefore we have to treat religion very carefully tending the atmosphere especially at a time like this when we need tolerance for the growth of this country.”

Vice President Amissah Arthur further urged Christians to abide by their principles of preached peace during this election period. “So the Christian principles, the scripture that we have quoted today are necessary for us to maintain a peaceful, serene, no-violent state in our country as we enter this election period… by taking these lessons to heart, our country will develop in an atmosphere of peace and security.”