A new mayor in South Africa says he will give away a fleet of new luxury cars ordered by his predecessors.
Solly Msimanga, from the opposition Democratic Alliance (DA), said the vehicles would instead be given to a police anti-hijack unit.
However, he will continue to use the luxury car used by the previous mayor.
The DA took control of Tshwane, a metropolitan area including the capital Pretoria, from the African National Congress (ANC) in local elections.
Mr Msimanga said no more luxury cars would be bought under his leadership.
He took over from the governing ANC, which lost control of the capital for the first time since 1994, last month.
The ANC bought 10 new BMW 3 series vehicles, which are yet to be delivered, for 5 million rand ($356,000; £266,000), local reports say.
The cars were meant for members of the mayoral council, with the ANC said to be confident it would retain control of the municipality in the elections.

Now the question is how many of our leaders in this country can do that for that betterment of the people in their metropolis?

Source: BBC