NPP National Women’s’ Organiser Otiko Djaba has urged voters in the NDC stronghold, the Volta region, to muster courage and vote against the governing party.

According to her, the leadership of the governing party no longer respects its founder Jerry John Rawlings against whom they continue to hurl abuses and who is a respected son of the region.

“Can you imagine [NDC General Secretary] Asiedu Nketia telling your man, President Rawlings that he is a barking dog?” she said in Have in the Afadzato South district as part of the NPP’s campaign in the Volta region.

The former President has not been part of the NDC campaign trail for reasons which NDC General Secretary has stated is due to old age.

“We have benefited from the toil of this man so at this age he needs to rest for those he trained to do the work” he has explained to Joy News.
The founder whose his popular style of lambasting his party has endeared him to the opposition NPP has been warning the NDC it could lose the 2016 elections if it continues to abandon the party’s values.

The opposition party appears to be cashing in on the estranged relationship. Campaigning in the Volta region, Otiko Djaba encouraged voters not to feel excessively bound to the NDC even after the party has failed in government.

She said she also has strong connections with the President but it counts for nothing on voting day.

“I am the president’s sister but I won’t vote for him and you must also understand that because you follow Rawlings doesn’t mean you must vote for NDC when they have failed you,” she told party supporters in the NPP’s weakest region, the Volta region.

Sparse crowds at the campagin event sharply contrasts with huge rallies seen in the Ashanti region, the NPP stronghold. Proceeding from their stronghold to the governing party’s ‘World Bank’, Otiko Djaba acknowledged that the NPP has not done well in the region.

But she urged voters to give the NPP a chance in the wake of the NDC’s failure in government.

The main opposition party is looking at securing a minimum of 30% of the popular votes in the Volta Region at the December 7 polls after it secured 12.93% of the presidential ballot in 2012. The governing NDC confirmed its grip since 1992 with 85.47%.

The NPP won the 2000 elections with a 7.90% contribution from the Volta region.