The members of NPP Germany on Wednesday 26th October, 2016 donated an amount of €50,000.00 to NPP national Headquarters.

The donation is a move by NPP in the diaspora specifically Germany to financially support the NPP Campaign in the December 2016 general election in order for the party to win power to save Ghanaians from the virtriolic hardship inflicted on them by the ruling NDC government which is undisputably characterized by corruption and gross mismanagement.

The chairman, Rev. Alex Acheampong who presented the donation on behalf of the members of NPP Germany said the amount is to assist the party to provide the needed resources and adequate motivation for the party’s polling agents and foot soldiers during the 2016 December general election.

According to the him, the leadership of NPP Germany has task themselves to support the party to win nine special Parliamentary seats in nine constituencies.

These seats include: Ejura Sekyere Domasi, Techiman North and South, Salaga South, Nanton, Ledzekuku, Fantiakwa, Cape Coast North and Lower West Akim constituency.

The chairman in his statement said “the NPP is the only party that has the capacity to transform economy of Ghana from its present economic misfortune.”

He continued by saying “Ghanaians in the diaspora believe that Ghana has all it takes to develop like countries in Europe however, due to incompetence and corruption rooted in the Mahama led NDC government, majority of Ghanaians are now in abject poverty.

He, therefore, wants to admonished Ghanaians to believe in Nana Akufo-Addo because he is an incorruptible leader with a clear vision for Ghana’s Development.

“Ghanaians especially the youth must vote massively for Nana Akufo-Addo and the NPP in 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary election to rebuild the country from its devastating state,” he said.

He said it is sad to see students graduating from the Tertiary institutions only to continue to depend on their family for their upkeep because of lack of jobs after paying huge sums of money in school.

He concluded by saying that Ghanaians should welcome the message of change because change is a must.