The weeks have all been promises galore, with the Presidential candidate for the opposition New Patriotic Party Nana Addo promising Ghanaians “1 factory, 1 district” and “1 Village, 1 Dam” when elected President of the Republic, His Excellency, President John Dramani Mahama, has also gone on a promising spree, pledging to provide each house at Abura with a meter. He has further promised “1 Student, 1 Tablet”.

Other Presidential candidates like Akua Donkor of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) have followed suit.
This current trend has left some Ghanaians wondering why the political leaders are all making promises of 1 item per a region, district, village and so forth.

But the Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako seems unfazed by the sudden influx of promises because to him, the “1 this 1 that” vows by the political parties’ flagbearers didn’t begin today.

Not even the NDC’s promise to construct five new Sports Stadia in five regions if given the nod in the upcoming December 7 polls jolts him.

President Mahama, highlighting his party’s manifesto at the Banquet Hall in Accra on Tuesday, stated “We will build new sports stadia. The remaining regions which do not have sports stadia – the Upper West, Upper East, Volta, Eastern and Brong Ahafo regions will each receive one.”

Contributing to a panel discussion on Peace FM’s Kokrokoo Wednesday, the Seasoned Journalist pointed out that the ruling party, then known as Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), was the first to bandy around such promises.

He disclosed that, during the PNDC era, the government promised to construct one stadium in each district in the country.

He noted that there were 110 districts and the PNDC/NDC was bent on establishing a stadium each in all the districts.

Reading from the 1996 Manifesto of the NDC, Mr. Baako said the NDC promised that “for the effective and efficient promotion of Sports in Ghana; every 2 million people should have a 70,000 seat capacity stadium like the Kumasi stadium and 200,000 people should have a 7000 seat capacity stadium like the El-Wak stadium.

Ultimately therefore, the NDC would like to see every regional capital having the Kumasi type of stadium with multi-purpose Sports hall and every district capital having an El-Wak type of stadium.”

He wondered how many of the NDC Manifesto promises in 1996 were achieved by the government.

“I’m wondering how many were delivered; El-Wak type stadium. They said every region will have the Kumasi-type stadium and every district will have the El-Wak type stadium. And we had 110 districts then, it didn’t show. There was nothing.”