OccupyGhana member Sydney Casely-Hayford has alleged that the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) had been manipulating the voter roll in past years.

“My theory is that, over the years the NDC had started, even from as far back as Rawlings’ time, manipulating the voters’ register,” he said.

Mr Casely-Hayford, who was a guest on Citi FM’s The Big Issue on Saturday, April 15, told host Umaru Sandah that he gathered the information from his “private correspondence”.

He added: “I can prove it statistically… I have been tracking that thing for so long now, I’m very clear in my mind exactly where things were going wrong”.

According to him, from the data that he had gathered through the years, he was convinced that “the extra numbers that were on the voters’ register and that has been on the voters’ register for decades were all padded numbers, and this is where I believe sincerely that the NDC deceived themselves into thinking that they had those million plus votes”.

He explained that the fact that the NDC was not in power between 2001 and 2009 does not mean they could not have “deep-throat” sources to carry out their agenda prior to the 2008 elections which was won by the NDC

“The fact that you are not in power doesn’t mean you cannot have a somebody who is in a position to change numbers that the people who are in power don’t know about,” he maintained.