Everywhere you pass nowadays, you are likely to find a huge billboard with Prez Mahama’s photo on it. I mean every nook and cranny, trust me, there is a huge NDC billboard over there.

Many have bemoaned the NDC splashing huge billboards everywhere, well, this time around Diamond Appiah says she just can’t think far as to why NDC billboards have more or less flooded the whole country.

According to Diamond Appiah, while the youth of Ghana are suffering with no jobs and are becoming frustrated, desperate and hopeless, Prez Mahama seems not to care, he’s just wasting the tax payers’ money on giant billboards across the country and more

On Instagram, she posted,

Dear President Mahama , The Youth of this country are suffering, there are no jobs for us to do. After spending so many years in school we come out Frustrated, Jobless, Depressed and become Hopeless. Where are the jobs u promised the youth in the 2012 elections?

Do u really care about our future? All you care about is wasting tax payers money to market yourself n your failed administration on GIANT BILLBOARDS when the people of Ghana are suffering n living in distress. Am not saying marketing ur image as a Presidential candidate is wrong but doing it in moderation wld have been ideal. Whenever I see those Giant billboards, I wonder whether ur Contesting for President or in a marketing competition with Coca cola Company ltd bcos honestly speaking none of the Presidential Candidates your competing with on the ballot paper seem to be interested in wasting money to advertise their image in that excessive manner. Their priority is tackling the issues of the voter n how to improve our socio economic life.

So we beg you in the name of God, Allah or whatever deity you believe in to desist from wasting our tax payers money on unnecessary things that doesn’t mean anything to the voter like billboards.The late President Mills campaigned n won without Giant billboards because he had a good message for the people of Ghana. For ur information my family, friends, constituents and I are all voting for Nana Akufo Addo, the masses also say they are all going to do the same so your grand advertising didn’t make any impact lol! #Vote Nana #Change is Coming#Number 5 #Enough is Enough

Source: thebigtriceonline.com