The John Mahama 2016 Campaign notes with sadness the developments of today, Sunday November 13, 2016 during a well-patronised health walk organised by the
Greater Accra Regional Branch of our great party, the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The sad developments, which were occasioned by an unprovoked attack followed by sporadic gunshots by identified hooligans from the Nima residence of Nana Akufo Addo, and thankfully without any reactions whatsoever from our party supporters, have now been twisted by the opposition party and their media partners, CitiFM and JoyFM.

Records available including photographs posted to the website of StarrFM,, confirm that it is the identified thugs from Nana Addo’s residence that were wielding various types of weapons and firing them.

The rush to issue statements, and together with their media partners circulate a false claim that supporters of the NDC wanted to attack the residence of the NPP
flagbearer is clearly a failed attempt to hoodwink the public and the international community after photographs of their gun-wielding thugs appeared on both social
and new media platforms.

No NDC supporter and participant in Sunday’s health walk wanted to enter let alone attack the Nima residence. It is also instructive to state that the police had cordoned
off the property.

We dare JoyFM and CitiFM to provide the evidence they gathered that our supporters did anything close to what they reported.

The NDC and its candidate will continue to conduct a peaceful, calm and issue-based campaign. We challenge Nana Addo to disarm the thousands of young people called Invincible Forces he has recruited and trained and whose principal mission is to always cause mayhem and violence.

The available photographs from his residence should be a cause for worry to all peace-loving Ghanaians and others interested in the political stability of our country.

This morning’s health walk, which started from the La Trade Fair Centre and went through various principals streets of Accra and also through Nima and Maamobi,
confirmed the growing brand appeal, peoples recognition and appreciation of the achievements, and the overwhelming conformation that President John Dramani
Mahama, is the Peoples Choice and will win the 2016 Presidential Election convincingly.

We encourage all political parties to take a step back and always look at the future of this country when taking decisions. Concocting stories and using bias media to
spread them across the globe does the country no good.

Joyce Bawah Mogtari

Source: Peacefmonline