After sending bulk messages to staff and students of KNUST on the visit to campus, Candidate John Mahama disappointed students once again with NO SHOW. It was noted that the capacity of the University Great Hall was not even quarter filled which resorted in busing students from across the other campuses to cover up. Sensing the disgrace and shame to the President of Ghana, the organisers quickly prevented Prez. Mahama from showing up.

This shameful act infuriated the Kantangees who earlier charged the NDC Ghc 8000 for the traditional Council to attend and raise morale at the function but had to vent their spleen of disappointment on the organisers and the president for that gross show of disrespect and extreme pomposity to students by abruptly cancelling the address due to an empty hall.

A vote for NDC/ Mahama is a vote for disappointment, disrespectfulness and gross show of pomposity to STUDENTS OF GHANA.

CHANGE IS A MUST…. #nana b3ba#