The Northern Regional Chairman of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu has accused the Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini, of sharing branded T-shirts of NPP flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo together with guns with the aim of causing chaos in the December 7 election.

Bugri Naabu said, intelligence gathered by party members in the region indicated that Mr Fuseini’s purpose is to incite supporters of the NPP to cause mayhem during and after the elections in the Northern Region.

“Reliable information has reached my office here in the Northern Region and I don’t want to keep such information; I want to give it up to the public and give it up to Electoral Commission that in case such a thing should happen it is going to create problems in the Northern Region.

“I have reliable information that Inusah the Tamale central MP has got Nana Addo T-shirt and sharing it to his people with guns so on the Election Day they will wear it and cover their faces and go to polling stations and shoot and scare people not to come and vote in our stronghold” he told Adom News’ Illiasu Abdul Rauf.

Bugri Naabu has warned the MP for Tamale Central, who is also the Roads and Highways Minister to put a stop to his ‘wicked plans’.

“I want to warn Inusah seriously, he is a Dagomba and a Northerner and so he should be careful because I know he only wants to tarnish the image of Nana Addo. We will stop him” he declared.

He therefore called on the security agencies in the region to be alert and not allow warmongers to destroy the country.

But the Northern Regional Director of elections for the NDC, Tanko Rashid described Bugri Naabu’s claims as baseless.

“It is a baseless allegation. He is the same person who said in Savulugu that they are going to cause mayhem and now he wants to shift the blame on us” he said.