Mugabe Maase is journalist whom work for Monte FM hosting a program call pampaso on Gold Tv , the BNI and the police must arrest him for the bad conduct he performed this afternoon by bringing so called NDC 64 into the stadio of TV Gold showing that President Mahama is the one they want.
However ,the song they were singing at the stadio clearly shows that Mugabe and NDC are collaborated to put the country into choas.
Also, one question we need to ask ourselves is that, who gave them soldiers uniform, if it was ordinary Ghanaian who wear that uniform the police will call for his arrest and for that matter, the police must arrest Mugabe and those guys and ask them where they got that uniform.
Moreover, what are they inciting indicates that if president Mahama lose this election they will not accept defeat, am also a journalist eventually am not against him but he must becareful both NDC and NPP came to meet Ghana, peace is what we are all seeking for not violence. GHANA FIRST NOT BOTH PARTY FIRST.

Source: VisionSpectraNews