President John Dramani Mahama says he has made some mistakes in his administration but those mistakes were done in ‘good faith’.

“In the period that I’ve been a president, I’ve been a mere mortal; may have made mistakes but I believe that in every mistake I’ve made, I’ve done it out of good faith to serve my nation and every decision I’ve taken have been in the national interest,” he said.

President Mahama made these remarks on Wednesday when he took his turn at the Presidential Encounter organised by the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).

President Mahama has also described his four year term as a ‘very challenging’ one; adding there are brighter days ahead.

According to him, the biggest challenge during his four year term was the issue of unemployment.

“The critical challenge that faces every leader today is the issue of creating jobs for young people…we’ve had to make many very challenging decision points and I believe that those decision points have been made in the interest of national progress and development…you suffer to gain…you don’t get any good thing without striving for it. We are going to take Ghana to the next level”

President Mahama also assured that his next term will be rosy since all the sacrifices and hard work was done in his first term.

“The heavy lifting has been done. Over the last four years we’ve done the heavy lifting. We’ve been involved in building the foundation. These four years have been foundation laying…and I believe that in my second term, there is not much heavy lifting to be done. We’ve done the structural reforms that is needed to make the economy come back to the path of growth…I want to thank Ghanaians for the opportunity to serve. I believe that I have served with dedication, it’s been tough going forward but we have been through this together and I believe that we are on the cusp of brighter days ahead.”