Former Member of Parliament for Nantong and Deputy Minister in the erstwhile Mahama administration Hon. Murtala Mohammed has revealed that he has been blackmailed once by a journalist who accused him of being corrupt.

According to him, the said journalist approached him because he claimed he was an admirer and didn’t want the news to be known to the public but he however dared the journalist to publish whatever he had on him.

“I experienced that once when I was made a deputy minister for information. I received a call from someone who claimed he was a journalist in Ghana and he has a scandalous story about the National Youth Employment Program (NYEP). I got extremely angry. I dared him to go ahead and publish it,” he said.

The former Member of Parliament has therefore entreated the public to question journalists who own many properties and businesses.

He added that he served diligently and did not have anything to hide so he dared the journalist to publish it.

He said blackmail is something that exists even in our schools and has therefore encouraged parents to be cautious and question their children when they see changes in their wards attitude.

He said this on Yensempa, a local breakfast show which airs on Agoo TV owned by the EIB network.