The founder and leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), Hassan Ayariga, says his party is the only option that can improve the lives of Ghanaians. The APC party was formed in December 2015, but was granted a provisional certificate by the Electoral Commission last week, and is awaiting final approval for full operation. Speaking to the media at the outdooring of the certificate in Accra, on Tuesday, Mr. Ayariga urged all Ghanaians who believe in total liberation of the country to join the party so they can win the November polls. He observed that the party was formed to fight for power in the November polls because “Ghanaians are suffering and we want change.”

“If we are not suffering we won’t be demanding for change. Ghana is suffering and Ghana is suffering because you the good ones are quiet, not because the bad ones are leading. The moment we begin to understand that we are part of why Ghana is suffering we will say enough is enough and wake up and do the right but if we sit down and allow them to be doing whatever they want to do believing that there is not anybody who can tell them that enough is enough, you must change.” Mr. Ayariga said “I am not the only one yearning for the change, I am only representing you at the frontline yearning for the change, but you want it more than I do but you are quiet and I say no, enough is enough. Young men stand up, wake up, we don’t have time anymore.”