CPP on Saturday elected one out of four candidates who presented themselves to be the flag bearer of the party. Samia Yaaba Nkruma, the elections favorite lost woefully by pulling 579 votes as against Ivan Greenstreet who took a comfortable commanding lead and won with 1288 representing 64% of the total valid vote cast.

Abdul Rauf, the national Communications Director of the CPP said, the party is poised or ready to pose a stiff challenge to the ruling National Democratic Congress to win the 2016 election. He however added that if they are not able to win the presidency, they will ensure that they win their parliamentary seats and become visible in the political arena of the nation.

Abdul Rauf also made the point that, all the candidates who have lost the election of becoming the flag bearer of the party have pledged their support to help prosecute the agenda for the good course of the party.