Biakoye constituency New Patriotic Party (NPP) executives have denied claims that they are pressurising President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to re-nominate Mrs. Millicent Kabuki Caboo, popularly called Kiki, who was earlier rejected by the assembly members as the District Chief Executive for the area.

Speaking to Today after a press conference to clear the erroneous impression being created by some people that they are clamouring for Millicent Kabuki Caboo as the DCE, the NPP constituency Chairman, Imoro Suleiman, said the noise being made for the re-nomination of Millicent Kabuki Caboo was from a known ‘repentant drunkard’ in the area.

Mr. Suleiman however, stated emphatically that none of his executives has spoken to any media house and called on the president to re-nominate Kabuki Caboo. “Look what was published on and other networks was false. That noise came from Yaw Mantey, a drunkard, who cannot make news.

After the election which saw the rejection of Millicent Kabuki, this guy has been hurling insults on assemblymen, government appointees and saying that the president will re-nominate her, and that if the president fails to do so, they will vote the party out,” he said.

He also pointed out that some reporters who were at the election decided to pick Yaw Mantey’s voice when they saw him making noise. According to Mr. Suleiman, Kabuki Caboo has outlived her relevance in the constituency and even in her own area, Worawora, and that was the cause of her rejection.

He explained that although they have vetted and presented 16 candidates for nomination as DCE, the president in his own wisdom rejected all of them but chose to bring Kabuki Caboo who never went through vetting.“…but for the respect we have for the president, we decided to accept that decision and help her in her endeavour.

But her conduct soon after nomination virtually put everybody off,” he said. Chairman Imoro indicated that Millicent Kabuki Caboo failed to build respect and friendship between her and the constituency even at the time she was the Women’s Organiser for the party in the area. “At the time she was coming to contest the election for the women organiser position, he was not known.

But our organiser vouched for her and we accepted her and voted for her. At the time she got almost 500 votes to win that position, but when she begun working as the women’s organiser, she completely push us out. She had no regard for other executives.” That situation, the chairman said, became a worry to all until she announced her decision to go for the DCE post, hence her resignation from the earlier position.

He also revealed that Kabuki Caboo later contested three others for the DCE position, but was voted out after she polled 25 votes out of 666 votes cast at the time. “…even her own town, Worawora, where she hails from, the delegates who voted from that town were 64 but she got only 27 which should tell you that even she is not welcomed in her own town.”