The Presidential Candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Akufo Addo has said his quest to become Ghana’s next president is not borne out of a desire to loot the nation’s resources, but to serve.

“I am not coming into office to loot the national kitty;that is not why I entered politics.I entered politics so that I can serve this country with the knowledge, wisdom and little strength that the Almighty God has given me so that we can push Ghana to a deserving destination full of jobs, wealth and health.”

Speaking at the NPP’s regional rally in the Western Region, Nana Addo appealed to electorates to choose him , saying “my greatest plea is that you should vote for me .When you go to the election booth…look for the elephant on the ballot paper. That’s the place to stamp your thumb.That way, we all together sit on the elephant and lead it to the jubilee house”

He also promised to make Ghana a better place when voted into power.

Nana Addo has on several platforms declared his commitment to serve and not loot the nation’s resources when he comes into power.

He rehashed his commitment to serve and turn the fortunes of Ghana around when he paid a courtesy call on the Kpone Traditional Council about a month ago.

“Leaders instead of concentrating or administering the money of the country in the interest of the people rather see a way to put the money in their pockets. I did not come into politics to amass wealth at the expense of the Ghanaian people, that’s not the reason why I am in Ghanaian politics.”

“That is the spirit in which I am vying for the ultimate position in our state as somebody who is going to go there to do an honest job and look after the monies of the people of Ghana in their interest and not in my personal interest,” he said