Each of the 216 district capitals in the country will get a Farmer Service Centre equipped with 10 tractors as part of measures by the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) to mechanise agriculture across the country, should President John Mahama get re-elected for a second and final four-year term in the December polls.

“Every district capital will get a Farmer Service Centre and every Farmer Service Centre will have 10 tractors with ploughs and harrows and everything…” Mr Mahama, who is on a five-day campaign tour of the Eastern Region, said to a crowd of supporters and residents.

“Every machine needed for any kind of farming will be available at that Farmer Service Centre.”

Mr Mahama also promised farmers in the area that he would be dedicated to the construction of roads in the area as part of efforts to facilitate the transportation of cocoa and other produce to the market.

He said if re-elected, he would use the next four years for livelihood empowerment, which would require that all farmers in the area register and get ID cards for assistance.

Source: VisionSpectraNews