The Coalition of Unemployed Private Nurses has postponed its planned picketing originally scheduled for today, Monday, 17 July to 31 July 2017.

The group, in a statement, said: “This change was necessary because of the encounter between the leadership and the Ministry of Health during our last meeting with them on the 13th July 2017. In the meeting was the Honourable Minister Mr. Kweku Agyeman-Manu, Mr Robert Kudjo (PRO MoH) and the Administrator (MOH).

“Upon the above mentioned meeting, the leadership met and there was the need for the postponement to give us the needed space to strategically plan towards this event for us to achieve a positive result.”

Members of the group picketed the MoH last week to draw attention to what they described as unfair, inhumane, injustice and discriminatory treatment meted out to their members by government on postings but their action failed to yield any results prompting their decision to step up their pressure on government.

The group is demanding financial clearance to be posted so they can begin work.

Public Relations Officer for the coalition, Doreen Boateng, speaking to Class News, said she and her colleagues were working out modalities with the police on a full-blown street demonstration.

“When we had a meeting, we thought we were going to have positive news from them but it turned out that they were trying to scare us rather and this brought about a whole lot of heated argument. We told him we will be coming and he said he will be waiting for us, so this time it is going to be a demonstration. So we have decided to write a letter to the police and do the right thing and then do the demonstration,” she stated.