Domino’s is planning to deliver pizza by drone but there’s a catch – it’s only in New Zealand.

The company carried out a test delivery in Auckland on the North Island on Thursday, which is believed to have been successful.

Domino’s says it now hopes to offer a regular drone delivery service from 25 September.

Last year, New Zealand became one of the world’s first countries to approve deliveries by drone.

The country’s weather, clear skies and small population (4.4 million) makes it the perfect place to deliver pizza (and other items) from the sky.”We’ve always said that it doesn’t make sense to have a 2-tonne machine delivering a 2kg order,” says Domino’s CEO Don Meij in a statement.
However, while hungover Kiwis may be looking forward to having their meat feast delivered through an upstairs window, experts are already casting doubt on Domino’s plans.

“It’s completely unfeasible at the moment,” says Philip Solaris, CEO of drone company X-craft.

“I can’t truly see how commercially viable that idea is because you would have to literally have somebody walking along to keep it in the line of sight, watching it at all times.”

He also says that Domino’s plans will also be affected by the likes of “power lines, moving vehicles, children in the backyard playing”.
Despite Solaris’s claims that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt, Domino’s has the support of the New Zealand government.

“Our enabling laws and regulation means we have the ideal environment,” says minister for transport Simon Bridges.

Simon also appeared in a promotional video with Don Meij, which sees a pizza delivered to men (wearing suits) at a picnic in a wet field.
Some of the world’s biggest companies including Amazon and Google have plans to make deliveries by drone.

Authorities in the US, Australia and New Zealand have been relaxing rules to allow air deliveries.

In the UK, Amazon has been testing drone deliveries in partnership with the British government but it will not become a trusted delivery method until they can guarantee the drones are safe.

Last month, US chain 7-Eleven held the first single commercial drone delivery – coffee, doughnuts and a chicken sandwich – as part of a trial.

Source: BBCNewsbeat