New York — Thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters who flooded the glass-ceilinged Javits Center Tuesday to watch their candidate become the first woman to be elected president Tuesday night were beginning to show sharp signs of concern as they watched Trump pick-up several battleground states on the big screen.

The crowd was nearly silent as they listened to MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki map out Trump’s path to victory — if he takes Michigan and Florida. The Sunshine State has since been called for Trump.

Quickly, the channel cut out and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo took the stage, saying it’s fitting that Clinton will be elected president in New York, “the birthplace of the women’s rights movement.”

“It’s shocking. I can’t believe it’s this close. I’m shocked,” said Terri, a supporter from Washington, D.C., who didn’t want to use her last name. She said she had been fielding texts from family and friends all night, asking her how it could be possible that Trump could win.