At least two people have been confirmed dead in a shooting incident at Taifa Burkina in Accra.

According to sources, one person was shot in the exchange of gunfire whilst the other was reportedly butchered by a mob.

Twenty-three people have been arrested already in connection with the incident which was started by a brawl over a woman according to the police.

Speaking in an interview Thursday the Madina District Police Crime Officer Superintendent Oppong, disclosed that: “Two people were arguing over a lady and then one used the bottle to hit the other. The one who was hit got infuriated. Because the other had his accomplices there, he couldn’t fight them.

“He went to his house, brought a pump action gun and started a confrontation with one of those who attacked him. In the process a mob charged on him, he gave a warning shot, went to a friend’s house where he was hiding. The mob decided to charge on the house and he fired through the trap door.”