Persons who have been conferred with honorary doctorate degrees have been asked to desist from using the title ‘Dr’ as it is not right to do so.

“You don’t have to address yourself as a doctor. If you are given an honorary degree, it is an honorary degree. Honorary is honorary — you don’t even have to put it on your curriculum vitae,” the Executive Secretary of the National Accreditation Board (NAB), Kwame Dattey told the Daily Graphic.

He said that those who have received questionable honorary doctorates from unaccredited institutions must also stop using the title.

Mr Dattey’s comments come on the back of discussions on unaccredited institutions that have been giving out honorary doctorate degrees to some prominent Ghanaians following research work by two Ghanaian professors at the Valdosta State University in the United States of America (USA).

Mr Dattey said that most of the institutions conferring honorary doctorate degrees on prominent Ghanaians were not operating in Ghana and that they were not even accredited in their home countries.

“They come here periodically, identify some prominent people in society and confer the honorary degrees on them. And we have come out several times in the newspapers and on our website to warn the public that these institutions are unaccredited in their home countries and people should not expose themselves to ridicule by first accepting such honorary degrees,” he stressed.

According to him, such actions were denting the image of the country and causing credibility issues for recipients.

Mr Dattey advised that individuals who would want to enrol in any programme, whether in Ghana or outside the country, should check with the NAB.

He further advised employers to request the credentials of potential employees and check with NAB before engaging them.