The National Chairman of Progressive Peoples Party Nii Brew Hammond has addressed the media yesterday at a press conference on matters relating to electoral reforms and the effective management of the 2016 electoral processes.

He expressed PPP’s disappointment in the Electoral Commission on how they failed to enforce the political Parties law (Act 574)

He said, the commission embarked on exercise to know the status of political parties in conformity with constitutional provisions and the political parties law (Act 574) took place in the year 2000 and 2014 with no enforcement applied to it.

He added that, the Progressive People’s Party will resist any attempt by the Electoral Commission and any other entity that may use to unorthodox criteria for assessing political parties.

He added that, organization such as Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) and some media houses should desist from promoting a two party debate for the 2016 election since it is potentially a subversion of the 1992 constitution which provides for a multi-party democracy state.

The progressive People’s Party have been informed of 600,000 ghost names in the register, the Electoral Commission should take immediate steps to clean the register. If the system instituted by the Electoral Commission for relatives of deceased persons to come forward is not effective, the opinion is not for the EC to leave these names on the register which will amount the EC creating the necessary conditions for rigging to take place.

The Progressive Peoples’ Party is united, disciplined and focused on selling our good messages to Ghanaians. We have the best policy priorities to present to voters.

In conclusion, the PPP expects 2016 elections to be truly free and fair and invites all stakeholders to support the PPP to campaign against the use of state funds to support the ruling party. They also called on the EC to enforce the Political Parties’ Law to create a healthy political culture that respects its rules and regulation.