Communication Team member of the ruling National Democratic Congress Akwesi Godwin has stated on Eboboba this morning that it is as a result of corrupt practices Ghana is lacking behind. Corruption is what draws back the development of every nation.

He said, politicians have been over the years accused of brain behind corruption inĀ  Ghana.

He added that, it takes only the government who have vision to deal with corruption.

NDC government will not shield corrupt individuals, and will go the extra mile to get rid of corruption in Ghana before 2020 election.

Divine Nkrumah on the other side said, its the ultimate responsibility of president John Dramani Mahama to deal with corruption.

He said, the separation of Ministry of Justice from the Attorney General Department will help prosecute individuals involve in corrupt practices.

he concluded that, the Progressive People’s Party is ready and willing to rule this country to implement good policies to develop Ghana.