The Ashanti Regional Police Commander, COP Ken Yeboah, has said chiefs of Agogo in the Ashanti Region and other places should be blamed for the Fulani menace in the area.

According to him, these chiefs take bribe in the form of cattle and allow the Fulanis to settle in their areas to destroy the farms of locals and create other disturbances in those areas.

Speaking in an interview with Adehye FM on Thursday, COP Yeboah called on the chiefs to desist from such conduct as police take steps to address the menace.

He said: “We need to lay the blame squarely at the feet of the chiefs who give out the lands to the Fulanis. I don’t believe any Fulani person can convey his cattle to a place where he has not been authorised to stay. Definitely somebody must have given them the land to stay on and that is the chief. Some of the chiefs take bribe in the form of cattle to allow the Fulani access to their areas. In order to fight against the Fulanis, we need to sit with the chiefs and let them know that they are endangering the lives of their own people by allocating the lands to the Fulani herdsmen.”

He further indicated that more officers had been deployed to Agogo to contain destruction of farms by the pastoralists and their cattle.

“The main reason why I deployed more officers to Agogo was to help clamp down on the Fulani herdsmen who have taken the law into their own hands and are raping women and killing innocent people. It is our duty to protect lives and property and so we cannot sit unconcerned as innocent lives are lost in the Fulani menace. For this reason we have deployed more officers to the area to protect lives,” the police commander added.