The Board Chairman of the Ghana Cocoa Board, Hackman Owusu Agyeman, has disclosed that he saved the company a whopping 87 million Ghana cedis in two days.

The former Member of Parliament for New Juaben told in an exclusive interview that through his intervention, he managed to review several contracts – signed during the previous administration – that has saved the country huge sums of money.

“I saved the country over 87 million cedis in two days through reviewing contracts at COCOBOD,” Mr. Owusu Agyeman told

The former Interior Minister was reacting to claims by staff of COCOBOD that his actions since his appointment are becoming unbearable for staff and management of the company.

According to sources at COCOBOD, Mr. Owusu-Agyeman has demanded that he personally scrutinizes and approve leave requests for staff, a move which has left the HR personnel unhappy. has also gathered that Mr. Owusu Agyeman has directed that all line managers at COCOBOD report to him personally.

But Mr. Owusu Agyeman has described the claims as baseless.

“These are baseless claims, they are not true. I have been practicing corporate governance for many years and will never ask staff of a company to seek their leave through the board chairman.

Mr. Owusu Agyeman stated that some staff members are unhappy because of the changes the new administration is introducing which he believes will make COCOBOD more efficient and productive.

“I know that some people are not happy with the changes we are introducing at COCOBOD and so they will say some of these things to frustrate our efforts, but we determined to ensure that the right things are done for the nation and nothing will stop us,” he told