A young woman believed to be in her early thirties and was the senior maid to the late President Mills family has revealed in an interview with the host of “Ye Man Ghana mu Nsem”, Bismarck Owusu konadu on Nsromafm in the UK that she was impregnated by the outspoken National executive member of the ruling NDC, Mr Koku Anyidoho despite being married with two kids as at that time in the year 2007.

Speaking to the host,the young woman who mentioned her name as Naa Ashiley said she was a family member to the wife of late President Mills and was in the house of the Mills since she started school at the University of Ghana. She explained it was the Mills Family who sponsored her University education and became part of the family after she completed school.” I lived with Aunt Naadu at Kuku Hill for almost three years until I met Mr Anyidoho who was the only person who used to spent more time with us in the Mills house. At times Mr Anyidoho write the speech of Uncle MILLS and I type, anytime He(& mills) has any important program to attend with Anyidoho”.

The young woman who confessed her relationship with a married person said she was convinced by Mr Anyidoho that he has divorced her wife. ” By then I had heard that his wife was in uk with the kids and it was not surprising to me because he spent most of his time with us at Koku Hills. At times I prepare soup and she takes to his place”
She said Mr Anyidoho slept with her in the house of the Mills when the late President and his wife traveled to Germany for a routine medical check up.

” I became pregnant, Aunty naadu told uncle Mills and they first called my parents to Accra to inform them to keep it silent since it can destroy his political fortunes. Even though Mr Anyidoho told me to abort but I never mentioned to anyone. Two weeks later Aunt naadu told me she wants me to go to Denmark so that I can deliver there and do my masters there. I accepted and it was Mr Anyidoho who took me to board flight to Denmark.” she told the host she had a miscarriage after staying in Denmark for three months.

Asked why she is speaking now, she said knows the current situation in Ghana and could not stay in the country the last time she visited because of dumsor and the hardships brought by Mahama government. She said, if any person at all can defend this mess and insult Dr Bawumia in that manner, it should not be Koku Anyidoho who got her pregnant knowing he is married, sent her to abroad to keep her silent. ”

Am also a Ghanaian and hate the manner president Mahama is ruling the country. We want the best for Ghana so Anyidoho has no moral right to criticize the truth. He should come and tell what killed Uncle Mills” the woman said.
Mr Koku Anyidoho is reported to have called the running mate of the opposition npp as “useless person “, comments which has generated huge debate in Ghana.