It is becoming increasingly difficult for rescuers in South Africa to find the Ghanaian UNICEF Director who went missing in that country.

Charlotte Nana Yaa Nikoi according to local media was last seen on March 21 as she walked on the Table Mountain on Human Rights Day.

News24 in South Africa reported that on Wednesday, an extensive ground and aerial search was conducted to locate her but without success.

A spokesperson for the South African Wilderness Search and Rescue team, Johan Marais is reported to have said that despite volunteers working with Skymed aerial rescue services to search the mountain, there was no sign of Yaa Nikoi.

“We are 95% sure that she is not in the area we went to search for her. Which means she came off the mountain and was either taken away, or went away from that area,” Marais said.

Yaa Nikoi’s colleagues at Unicef are worried about her disappearance, and have circulated a picture of her to help in the search.

Police have asked that anybody with information on her whereabouts contact them on 021 461 8067 or 072 560 2624.

At the time of her disappearance, Nikoi wore light-blue shorts, a cream, black and brown cardigan, a sleeveless black top, brown sneakers, and oval-shaped glasses.