South Africa witnessed the first sustainable biofuel flight in Africa from Johannesburg to Cape Town in South Africa reports Eyewitness news.

South African Airways (SAA) used a blend of biofuel made from tobacco and jet fuel to fly the plane. SAA Chief executive Officer, Musa Zwane, said that the tobacco crop used to make the biofuel is homegrown.

“We are taking something that Dr Aaron Motsoaledi (Minister of Health of South Africa) is trying to get rid of, tobacco, and we are using it to fly to Cape Town.” Said Mr. Zwane

SAA is looking to have at least 50 percent of its aircraft flying on biofuel by 2022 so as  to cut down on carbon emissions and promote green energy according to the CEO.

South Africa hopes to start full production of biofuel since it is currently refined in the United States. A hybrid tobacco plant, called Solaris, is currently being test farmed in South Africa.

The maiden flight carried 300 passengers from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Friday, 15 July reports News 24 travel

South African Airways (SAA), and low-cost carrier Mango successfully launched Africa’s first passenger flights in partnership with international partners, Boeing, SkyNRG and Sunchem Chemicals