Some ladies even swear that that’s the best way to get the best relationships.

They say start slow, [from friendships] then take it a notch higher by becoming romantically involved.

In some instances, though, a guy and a girl could be just friends [you know, all those people you have friend-zoned.]

When it comes to male-female friendships it really isn’t easy to tell, and the line between ‘a girl who’s a friend’ and ‘a girlfriend’ can get blurry, and most times, somewhere along the line, one of the friends usually develops romantic feelings and desire that the friendship should evolve into something more, something deeper.

Here are the signs to look for to be certain that that your friend does not want to be just friends anymore.

He’s asking you about your love life

This might actually be misleading as he might not be interested in you romantically.

Yes, that’s a possibility, but at the same time, asking you that question could mean that he has started to develop interest in you.

Really, if any guy starts to love-up on you, they’ll want to know if you are taken [although some don’t care.]

There’s also the likelihood that as your friend, he already knows your relationship status; in this instance, he might actually start to delve deeper, trying to know more about your relationship.

That, also, could be a pointer to his interest in making you more than his friend.

His behaviour changes

If you’ve been friends for some time you’ll know how he normally behaves, how he reacts, how he thinks, speaks, walks etc.

Naturally, if a guy sees you as nothing but a friend, there’s a likelihood that he’ll be relating with you the way he relates with his male friends, especially if you both have been friends for a while.

If he stops treating you like one of his buddies, and instead becomes less vulgar, more attentive and all that, that might be your clue there.

He stopped talking to you about other girls

It’s common sense, if he figures out that he wants you for himself he’s gotta make sure ‘himself’ is looking available.

This means all those stories he used to share with you about the girls he’s been with, and the ones he’s eyeing, they’ll most likely stop.

If he’s now into you, and focuses his affection on you, he will no longer be eager to tell you his ‘hoe stories’ as he once used to.

He wants to spend extra time with you

If you two are a part of a larger group of friends, and you’re more used to hanging out as a group, him calling you up for a little one on one time can definitely mean he’s into you and wants to spend more time alone.