It is wrong for government to give contacts for plays at state events to individuals rather than associations in that industry, the President of the Ghana Actors Guild, Samuel Fiscian, has said.

Mr Fiscian, who was responding to a question on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital on Saturday July 8 about the Agya Koo-led comedy display at the March 6 Independence Day parade at the Black Star Square, was of the view that such opportunities should rather be given to associations rather than individuals.

He told host Bismark Boachie, popularly known as DJ Premier, that: “It will be better for bodies or associations in the sector to be made responsible for those public displays to ensure that we strengthen the association.

“If we bypass the associations and want to deal with individuals, then we are not helping the situation and it does not augur well for our unions and associations,” he explained further but was quick to add that he did not know if Agya Koo was specifically handed the contract for the comedy skit “but if government gave the contract to him [Agya Koo] as an individual then I don’t think it is proper”.

He emphasised the need for more support for the Ghana Actors Guild is to make it more attractive and efficient.