Veteran Ghanaian actor Bob Smith Jnr has disclosed his popular movie ‘Diabolo’ was to deter people from indulging in prostitution.

Speaking with Anita Erskine and Giovani on Starr Drive, the ‘Snake Man’ said “it was a big hit and accepted so much because it was a deterrent to prostitution.”

“Prostitution is the oldest trade, according to the Bible, so if you are making a story that is a deterrent to it, then you can imagine that kind of impact that it has,” he added.

‘Diabolo’ became a household movie in the 90s which starred actors like the late Rev Eddie Coffie, Eunice Banini and Prince Yawson (Waakye).

According to the veteran actor, even though most of the churches were preaching effectively, most of them were the devil’s human agents.

“The word ‘diabolo’ is German and it has an impact,” he noted.