Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has stated that being ‘born again’ is not a license to be boring or dirty in appearance.

According to her, being born again is living a fun filled, happy joyous life knowing that ‘you have a mighty God by your side’.

She indicated that born again Christians should have the finest things of life.

The actress believes that one’s life has to be colourful in order to convince others that ‘a life in Christ is a blissful one’.

Explaining what being born means to her, she wrote on her Instagram page ‘Being born again isn’t a license to be boring, or dirty in appearance. Being born Again is living a fun filled, Happy joyous life knowing that you have a mighty God by your side.

Being born again isn’t about not having friends or hanging out, it’s about having the right friends that will elevate, motivate, inspire you and most especially pray with you.

Being born again means having Access to the best and the most beautiful things of life.

Being born Again is having Peace and never been afraid to show how genuinely happy you are no matter who that affects.

Being born Again is having to see a hate word and still praying for them.

God wouldn’t call you only to make you A boring person or a less fashionable person, As a matter of fact, I believe a born Again Christian should have the finest things of life.

Because if my life isn’t Colourful how then can I convince you that a LIFE IN CHRIST IS A BLISSFUL ONE.

My fellow brethren it is time for us to Allow the world see Jesus in us colourfully. MY NAME IS TONTO DIKEH, I AM A RADICAL FOR JESUS, MY LIFE IS AS BRIGHT AS THE COAT OF MANY COLORS, I SPEAK IN HEAVENLY TONGUE AND AM AN ENTERTAINER’.