In Ghana, one of the few documents that can be used to identify a ghanaian citizen is the ghanaian passport, as a result of the unavailability of a national data base to capture all ghanaians. Apart from the craze of wanting to acquire passports to prove citizenship, there comes the real use of the passport, which is mainly for travelling purposes. Moving on have you ever tried applying for a ghanaian passport?

Acquiring passports in Ghana is one hell of a task, thank God if you are able to pass through to the finish line without having to pay all those tips and sitting in long queues only for “big men/women” to be served ahead of you, not because they came earlier but because they are doing something you aren’t doing. This is after we thought that the new moves by the passport office to go biometeric and online was bringing an end to all the difficulties one had to go through just to acquire a passport.


Despite all these hurdles to apply for a passport which by far is a constitutional right, well meaning and patriotic ghanaians still believe in the system and would want to give it a try. Trust me if you don’t have the heart to stand incompetence to the highest degree, don’t visit the Ghana passport office. I say this because there is the phenomenon that is gradually coming up and becoming a norm at the passport office and that is after a long time of having to go through all the formalities and processing done, your passport vanishes into thin air with no trace but with records in data base showing registration. How absurd that is!

Countless number of ghanaians have had to go through this unfortunate situation, and they end up loosing money. The most annoying and fraustrating part is that the applicants are not given the opportunity to apply again because the passport office claims that their names have already been recorded in the system. But the main question here is, why would the passport office take monies from applicants, process their passports like they claim, misplace it in the end and turn round to deny the applicants the opportunity to register again even if they are willing to start the process again. Is the passport office becoming a facility for frauding innocent citizens or denying them their constitutional rights? The passport office must begin to sit up and find solutions to this canker!