Staff of Pantang Psychiatric Hospital have threatened to shut down the facility in two days if government fails to drive away private developers encroaching on the hospital’s land.

The staff began an indefinite strike on Monday, July 10, leaving psychiatric patients seeking treatment stranded.

They have suspended all OPD and other non-emergency services as they desert post over encroachment on their lands. The workers have given government up to Wednesday to stop developments on their lands or face their wrath as they withdraw all services.

“We want government to step in and help us acquire the frontage of the hospital for the hospital… Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, 37 Military Hospital and Ridge Hospital, none of them will share boundaries with residential facilities or businesses so why should Pantang be different and we will not return to duty and what is happening a time will come there will be no Pantang Hospital,” the head of the staff Elvis Akuamoah told Starr News.

Source: Starr News