The President of The National House of Chiefs Togbe Afede has called on Ghanaians to ignore the individuals seeking the secession of the Volta region of Ghana.

According to him, they pose no threat to the unity of the country.

Earlier this month, three leaders of the group seeking to declare the Volta, Northern and Upper East Regions as Western Togoland were arrested for treason.

They are, Charles Kormi Kudjordji age, 78, founder of the group, 57-year-old Martin Asiama Agbenu, and Divine Odonkor, 65 years.

The Homeland Study group Foundation has in the last one year been campaigning for the separation of the Volta region and parts of Northern and Upper East region to form the Western Togoland state, which they claim existed before independence in 1957.

Commenting on the matter, the Paramount Chief of the Asogli Traditional area said the activities of the group is worthless because residents of the Volta region want to remain Ghanaians.

“I don’t think they pose any threat to the unity of our country. Indeed I believe they were lucky to have been arrested because that appears to have given them a platform for Ghanaians to hear about them.

“Left to me, I think they should have been ignored as they have been over the years. I want to assure that the Volta region will forever remain a part of one indivisible Ghana,” he said.