Kwame A-Plus has dared persons whose names were mentioned in his recently released song to go to court if he/she has issues with the song.

The controversial artiste whose new song titled, Aben Be Bom punches holes in NDC governance says he is ready to go to court if he is sued.

The musician in a chat with Hitz FM’s MzGee on “Showbiz This Week” entertainment show said he did not lie in the song so he is not afraid to meet any NDC person whose name was mentioned in the song at the court of law.

A-Plus disclosed that the days of allowing political leaders to intimate citizens are gone. He said during the interview that he will defeat any individual who goes to court over the song.

“I’ll be surprised if none of them go (to court). Let them go. That will be the greatest achievement because I’ll defeat them in court. Nobody can win a case against me. I dare anybody whose name is in to go to court, I will meet you.

MzGee, the world has changed. Those days when people were intimidating others are gone”

A Plus in ‘Aben Be Bom’ song accused the NDC of massive corruption and that the day of reckoning awaits them.

He pointed to several high-profile corruption cases to justify his attack on the current government.